2) Fort Shaw: (25 miles west of Great Falls):  This unit consists of one electric plucker and one propane scalder (approx. 20 gallons, user supplies propane). The plucker will process 2-3 chickens at a time, or 1 turkey. All equipment must be plugged in to a GFI outlet.

Transport will include lifting the equipment onto a vehicle or trailer, requiring at least 3' of height clearance. Please coordinate with the host for loading and unloading, as equipment requires two people to move. Although this equipment is portable, it requires careful handling and transport. In particular, the heating element and components of the scalder can be easily damaged. Please notify host immediately of any damage or if the equipment is not functioning properly.

It is important to note that the scalder takes several (4-5) hours to heat the water to the appropriate temperature. You may want to boil water separately to 'top off' the scalder to speed up this process. To use the plucker, you will need access to water and electricity.