The facility is booked for 2019. We begin processing again in May of 2020. If you have birds you need processed before then, we have processing equipment available for rent.

The Facility

Located south of Hamilton, this small scale state inspected poultry processing facility is able to process chickens and turkeys. The facility is operational from about May to Thanksgiving. Birds processed at the facility can be sold in the state of Montana, but not out of state. If you have further questions about state licensed facilities and regulations, please click here.  If you are deciding between renting equipment and bringing your birds to the facility, the following points should help.

  • Reasons to Rent Equipment

    • Have meat for your own consumption

    • Cost effective

    • Have friends and family to help

  • Reasons to Bring Birds to the Facility

    • Sell your product in the marketplace

    • Large number of birds

    • Professional packaging and lab


Important Information

The facility address is: 175 Skalkaho Highway, Hamilton, MT

To have your birds processed at the facility, you must be a current member of the coop and have made a reservation. To become a member, please read through the member packet and then purchase your membership by clicking here.

For first time members, please print and fill out the membership packet and bring it with you to the facility when you bring your birds. We cannot process your birds without the completed membership packet.