Our Mission is to develop local and regional food economies by providing resources that catalyze the production and processing of poultry in Montana.

It’s an exciting time for small-scale poultry growers in Montana, with growing markets for pasture-raised, local poultry and the appropriate technology to produce and sell it. The Montana Poultry Growers Cooperative, legally incorporated in April 2006, is proud to be a part of the economic growth and environmental sustainability that comes with bringing value-added products like pasture-raised, on-farm poultry into the local food system in Montana. We believe a local poultry market is not only good for local economies,but also provides for more humane processing with less environmental impact.

By becoming a member of the poultry growers cooperative you join a community of poultry growers that support each other in the production and processing of poultry in the State of Montana. Your membership entitles you to access the following resources:

  1. Inspected Processing Facility
  2. Small-scale on farm processing equipment for not for sale birds
  3. Cooperative feed ordering

As the coop has been growing and developing, the following goals helped keep us on track:

  1. Minimize the health risk to consumers and increase product quality by providing training in the proper handling practices for poultry.
  2. Provide a facility with specialized processing equipment to meet the needs of developing small farm poultry enterprises in their market entry.
  3. Provide a model of a processing system and facility that meets state and federal requirements for the retail sale of poultry products.